Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Puno, Lake Titicaca

In Puno now a port on Lake Titicaca ... arrived at three pm after a 7hr bus ride from Cusco about 400km. We got picked up by a woman at the bus station selling accomodation... so as the place was in the guide book anyway and seemed good at $20 NZ for both of us.. a small but nice room with a double bed and a single... first time we will be sleeping in a double bed since we left NZ. Off tomorrow to visit the reed boat builders and a floating island, then to another island Taquile to stay with a local family overnight then to a second island Amantani to visit before returning here to Puno for night before catching a bus to La Paz on Friday 4th to meet Fred and Hazel.

We climbed up to the top of a local lookout Condor Hill jut over 4000m on top... we must be getting aclimtised cos it´s easier thn it was two weeks ago. Spent most of the bus journey on the altiplano -- dead flat and dry and around 4000m



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